Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Pictures

3 Months Old!

Ava is now 3 months old. She is drinking formula like a champ and is getting some meat on her bones finally! We just got back from a trip to California and Disneyland and she was so much fun! She was an angel in the car and was happy and we had such a great time. Here are some recent pictures.. some from our trip to California. Enjoy :)
                                                                   Red Butte Gardens
                                                                Red Butte Gardens Hike
                                                                      New Clothes for Winter!
                                                                    Typical Ava Smile

                                                             Ava's favorite thing to do lately
                                                                 She loves Dad's kisses!
                                                     With Aunt Carissa at Disneyland
                                                                  California Adventure
                           In line for her one and only ride... Pirates of the Carribbean. And she slept through the whole ride!
                                                                        Balboa Island
                                                                  On the Pier at Balboa Island
                                                                  Pier at Balboa Island
                                                                I was pretty proud of this photo...
                            Our ridiculous bike ride on Balboa Island when we almost got killed by oncoming traffic!
                                                           On the Ferry to Balboa Island
                                                                   My gorgeous girl!
                                                                     Old Town San Diego
                                               Ava took piano lessons in Old Town San Diego
                                                 Carissa and Nate at Old Town San Diego

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 Months Old

2 Months Old

Life with a newborn, although very uneventful, is very busy! Finding time in betwen feedings and naps to do things you need to do like laundry, scrubbing the bathroom, and blogging, is harder than I thought! So here is a very belated post....but to make up for it, I'll add extra pictures!

Ava is doing so good. She is smiling, laughing sometimes, cooing and talking, and is such a sweet girl. She is for the most part a really happy baby unless she is hungry. There is nothing like seeing her smile when she recognizes you...pretty sure it's the best thing in the world. She loves to stare at the clock on our family room wall and is completely mesmorized by it! She also likes baths now and doesn't cry when I give her one. We were able to bless her this past week with both sides of the family there and it was great... minus the part where she cried through the whole thing! But Bret gave a beautiful blessing and overall it was a perfect night shared with friends and family!

Carissa and Nate are moving to Utah! YEA!!!! I can't even tell you how thrilled I was when I heard the news! Ava is going to love living close to her Aunt and Uncle and I'm SOOO excited to have my cooking/crafting buddy so close! We are getting ready for a trip to California in a month and I can't wait to go to Disneyland, San Diego, and Vegas! I really need a vacation.... hopefully driving with Ava will be easy...

Our house is on it's way! They started digging last week and the foundation was poured yesterday. Only a few more months and we will be in it! Just in time for Christmas. It will be so wonderful to be minutes from Bret's office (and the new outlet mall! Wahoo!!) I am SO excited to be in a home again, organized, and settled. The past little while has been so crazy with moving several times, juggling things in the storage unit, moving the scrubs business all over the place, and hoping to get to build. I am so glad limbo is finally over and we can get settled in our new neighborhood and ward.

Life is good... Ava is healthy and beautiful, Bret enjoys his job, and I love being a mom! We couldn't ask for more :) Here are pictures!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

One Month Old Already

         I can't believe that tomorrow Ava will already be one month old! It seems like we have had her forever..and at the same time like just yesterday we were in the hospital waiting for her to get here. We are looking forward to tomorrow when Shannon and the kids will be here!! She loves being held all the time and whenever we are with family she is not put down for one second! But she is not spoiled or anything... :) We hope to go hiking or something fun outside so we will have to try out her new carrier. We also went to Park City last weekend and she had her first stroller ride. She is such a good baby and usually sleeps through car rides or stroller rides or shopping cart rides.
        We got our pictures back from Ava's newborn photoshoot yesterday and I have spent so much time looking at them. I can't believe how precious she is. I know I'm her mom and I obviously think she is the cutest baby around, but our friend did a really good job making her look even more beautiful! I'm only posting a few because I just finished her birth announcment and I wanted some of them to be new!

       Ava started smiling this week. Right when she wakes up she is so happy and we can usually get a few big grins out of her. It's so cute to see her whole face light up and her dimples come out. I can't wait until it happens more often. 
I'm not sure how to rotate this video, so you will have to watch it sideways!

    Other than that, nothing else has changed. She is getting better at being awake during the day and she does not like it when I leave her alone to clean the house or do the dishes. She is so fun and I love being a mom....except for the night time feedings...I could do without those for sure!
   Here are a few more random phone pictures from this week....