Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Pictures

3 Months Old!

Ava is now 3 months old. She is drinking formula like a champ and is getting some meat on her bones finally! We just got back from a trip to California and Disneyland and she was so much fun! She was an angel in the car and was happy and we had such a great time. Here are some recent pictures.. some from our trip to California. Enjoy :)
                                                                   Red Butte Gardens
                                                                Red Butte Gardens Hike
                                                                      New Clothes for Winter!
                                                                    Typical Ava Smile

                                                             Ava's favorite thing to do lately
                                                                 She loves Dad's kisses!
                                                     With Aunt Carissa at Disneyland
                                                                  California Adventure
                           In line for her one and only ride... Pirates of the Carribbean. And she slept through the whole ride!
                                                                        Balboa Island
                                                                  On the Pier at Balboa Island
                                                                  Pier at Balboa Island
                                                                I was pretty proud of this photo...
                            Our ridiculous bike ride on Balboa Island when we almost got killed by oncoming traffic!
                                                           On the Ferry to Balboa Island
                                                                   My gorgeous girl!
                                                                     Old Town San Diego
                                               Ava took piano lessons in Old Town San Diego
                                                 Carissa and Nate at Old Town San Diego